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lives and works in Berlin Germany. his work is focused on sculptures and visual-art whitch covers topics like human evolution, deformation by rearrangement and reflects an abstract investigation of the body and its optimization.

2004-2009 he studied visual communication and new media at the School of Arts and Design Kassel.
2010 he graduated the master class of Joel Baumann.
2010-2014 Martin was the scientific – artistic assistant for new media at the School of Arts and Design Kassel and he did his post – doctoral.
2014 -Today he is lecturer at the HDPK Berlin for audiovisual - performances.

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Paradise of Paper Art / BOOK
Publisher: Designerbooks
Language: English
ISBN-10: 988160754X
ISBN-13: 978-9881607546

Paper Runway / Magazine Sydney
Publisher: Paper Runway
Language: English
Issue: Four

BAUT / 7 Inch Vinyl
Publisher: Gorgeus Fork Music Publishing
Label: Haute Areal
Distributor: Cargo Records Germany
Copies : 500

Publisher: Martin Böttger
Label: Hollerback Records
Distributor: Hollerback Records
Copies : 100

BEEF / 10 Inch Vinyl
Publisher: Martin Böttger
Label: SELF Labeld
Distributor: SELF distribution
Copies : 10

Publisher:Max Dahlhaus /Kodx
Label: KODX
Distributor: Kodx
Copies : mp3